Value Added Service

Atlantic Integrated Freight offer value added services to help
create bespoke solutions for our customers.


Security Management

Complete Security Focused System of Our Warehouse

With years of experience and a wide variety of knowledge,
Atlantic Integrated Freight logistics experts are able to manage and
provide the service that is tailored to our customers’ special needs.
All of our warehouses at each Atlantic Integrated Freight branch are
equipped with 24hour security cameras with 360degree turn capability.
All the shipments are closely watched inside the warehouse and only
authorized personnel can gain access to the warehouse.

High-tech security management systems are installed to maintain high
security surveillance of the warehouse for any and all of the shipments;
electronics, apparel, bags, shoes and other materials.


Damage Control

Performing Our Duties to Perfection

Atlantic Integrated Freight is doing the best to carry out your
shipment in most secure and prompt way.
Skilled warehouse experts are in place to allow the shipment to enter
into the warehouse after thorough inspection.
In case of damage and/or any opening of a box, it will be reported
accordingly on the Damage Image Report with photos to notify the
customers promptly.

1.Cargo Inspection, 2.Damage Check, 3. Real-Time Damage Image Report, 4.Damage Treatment , 5.Ship


Risk Management

Customized, High Quality Service

In order to minimize any possible loss, the Atlantic Integrated Freight
risk management team is constantly surveying and analyzing every step
of the shipping chain to lower the foreseeable risks.
Even at a sudden inclement weather condition or natural disaster,
and any strike incident, the Atlantic Integrated Freight risk
management team is working with the National Control Center to
safely transport the customer's shipment.


IT Innovation

With Atlantic Integrated Freight, Anything is Possible

Atlantic Integrated Freight developed *AIMS our proprietary logistics
management platform that integrates all necessary functionality
including accounting and documentation.
With our own platform in place, we are able to offer best in class service.

*AIMS : Atlantic Integrated Freight Integrated Management System

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