In 2001, Atlantic Integrated Freight GmbH was established in Frankfurt. Despite the significant barrier that exists
in the European market, and the challenging circumstances that greet a new entrant to the market,
we have managed to grow steadily year after year.
Not only do we have a promising performance record in air cargo, but we also have begun a stable FAK consolidation service
through our Hamburg office. Recently, we have gained a better understanding of Eastern European logistics through the
execution of a major forwarding projects.
With our typical attention to detail and diligent mindset, we aim to improve our knowledge of the industry, and we will
continue to provide the types of service that puts our customers first.
Our goal is to become the number one logistics service provider in Germany and to be recognized as a world class company
in our field. Thank you for the support you have given us, and we ask for your continued generosity in the future.

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Our Office

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Contact Info

Tel : + 49 6142 6037 0

Fax : + 49 6142 6037 280

Website :

Local Time : 07:58

Office Address

Atlantic Integrated Freight GmbH

Am Prime Parc 13

65479 Raunheim, Germany

Warehouse Facilities

Location : 1st Floor in the Office B/D

Qualified Condition under LBA Rules

(LBA : Luftfahrt Bundesamt)

Total Area : 2,000 sqm

Facilities : 5 Trailer Docks,

15 Folk Lifts, 3 Level Rack System,

Sorting & Packing Facilities,

24 Hours Digital Monitoring System,

High Value Secured Caged Area;

2 X-Ray Machines for Unknown Shpr

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